Would you like to know more about stainless steel?

Why should we switch to reusable stainless steel?

Plastic leaches toxins into our food and our bodies. Many single-use “compostable” alternatives contain PFAS, which has been shown to harm hormone and thyroid function and sperm production. Most of the PFAS-free compostable products do not end up in industrial composting facilities, and thus do not biodegrade on short timelines. Regardless of the material used, single-use disposable foodware is not sustainable for Earth’s population and natural resources. 

Is stainless steel better for the environment than plastic?

According to the Steel Recycling Institute, steel can be recycled over and over and over again without losing its integrity and requires less energy to recycle than to make anew. Most plastic unfortunately ends up in landfills and it is estimated to take 700 years to decompose.

Would you like to know more about Ahimsa® products?

What are Ahimsa’s Certifications?

Ahimsa’s Commercial cafeteria tray is NSF Certified, GreenScreen Certified and all of our products are Made Safe Certified. Our cafeteria trays are pediatrician-designed to meet specific nutrition standards set by USDA MyPlate, American Academy of Pediatrics Nutrition Guide and the National School Lunch Program.

Are Ahimsa products dishwasher safe?

Our products are able to be easily cleaned in commercial dishwashing machines.

Would you like to know more about ordering?

How can I set up an account for tax-exempt purchases or net terms?

Click here to create an account. Accounts are not required to place an order.

How much does shipping cost?

We can provide you with a shipping quote. Please email hi@ahimsaschools.com and share more details about the shipping address, quantity of products you are looking to ship, and if you have a loading dock.

Or if you add products to a cart that you are wanting to purchase and add the correct shipping address, you'll see the shipping cost for the purchase before checking out.

Where can I ship Ahimsa products?

We are now shipping throughout the United States. If you're outside of the United States and interested in purchasing Ahimsa products - please email hi@ahimsaschools.com. We would love for you to join the Ahimsa family and can assist you with an order. It is our hope to soon ship Ahimsa® products throughout the world! We are working on it!